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Lamp Recycling

Air Cycle Corporation The Bulb Eater 3 with Intelli Technology crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any length, CFLs, and u-tubes into 100 percent recyclable material while capturing over 99.99 percent of the vapors released. Once the drum is filled, schedule a bulk pickup for discounted national rates for recycling. Certificates of recycling available.


Edge Metal

Mule-Hide Products TPO-skirted edge metal line of edge metal and accessories for single-ply membranes is available in a wide assortment of standard and custom-fabricated products, which helps reduce labor costs by eliminating on-site metal fabrication. All our products are inspected, wrapped in protective film, and shipped to job sites ready for installation.



PPG BREAK-THROUGH! is a water-borne acrylic interior/exterior paint that dries to the touch in 15 to 20 minutes. Early block resistance provides a tack-free film. Hardness similar to or better than standard alkyds. Can be used on horizontal surfaces like interior concrete and wood floors, and adheres to substrates like ceramic tile, fiberglass, and laminate.


Metal Panel

Centria The single-panel design of CENTRIA's MetalWrap Series insulated composite back-up panel provides thermal and moisture protection for building exteriors with metal, brick, or terra cotta by eliminating the need for traditional multi-component back-up systems. Features an air and vapor barrier, insulation and a metal drain plane.


LED Floodlight

RAB Lighting RAB Lighting's 150 Watt LED floodlights (FXLED150) and area lights (ALED150) replace 400 Watt metal halide fixtures one-for one. These high-output, high-efficiency LED fixtures reduce energy consumption by 66 percent, providing energy cost savings. Plus, with 100,000-hour LED lifespan, maintenance and re-lamping requirements are reduced dramatically.


Orbital Scrubber

Tennant Remove more acrylic floor finish than the leading competitor with Tennant's T3 Walk-Behind Orbital Scrubber, designed with more down pressure per square inch/cm. The T3 provides chemical-free even floor-finish removal across the entire cleaning path with a rectangular scrub head that easily reaches into corners and hard-to-reach areas.



BobcatThe 74-horsepower Bobcat M-Series 600 frame-size loaders meet Tier 4 emissions standards without a diesel particulate filter. The hydraulic systems have been engineered for higher standard flow and pressure, which provides increased attachment performance. Engine horsepower and hydraulic flow are matched to the loader's rated operating capacity, size, and weight.


Project Services

BlueBook Need help with your building, maintenance, or renovation project? Whether you take the reins yourself, or have us do it for you, powerful online — and free — tools are available to help you to identify, prequalify, and communicate your requirements to the right companies. One call is all that it takes.


Wireless Locks

Allegion To easily migrate from mechanical locks to electronic access control with pricing less than half that of perimeter electronic locks, Allegion provides an unprecedented level of simplicity and convenience by introducing ENGAGE technology-enabled Schlage NDE Series wireless electronic locks for interior doors. NDE wireless locks accommodate multiple credential formats.


Transfer Switch Controls

Russelectric Standard on all Russelectric automatic transfer switches, the RPTCS is the industry's most powerful, most versatile transfer control system. With the new Russelectric DTWG WebServer Communications Gateway, users can now access real-time ATS status and performance data from any web-enabled device.


Hand Dryer

Excel Dryer The new XLERATOReco hand dryer uses "no heat" technology to dry hands in 15 seconds using only 500 watts. With a maximum draw of four and a half amps, multiple XLERATOReco units can be installed on one circuit, significantly reducing the time and costs of installation. Save time, money, and the environment with XLERATOReco hand dryer.



ASCO ASCO Series 336 Paralleling System paralleling switchgear for small- to medium-sized applications is based on a transfer switch. It features a dual-operator closed transition transfer switch mechanism and a new controller. The system is configured in a standardized, modular design with an enclosure footprint as small as 28 inches deep by 38 inches wide.


Single-ply Roof

Sika Corporation - Roofing
The EnergySmart Roof from Sika is a weather-tight, single-ply roof system that decreases heat flow through the building envelope, lowers maintenance costs, and minimizes the urban heat island effect. Systems contain UL-certified recycled content and feature a reflective, lacquer-coated surface that exceeds the cool roof requirements of ENERGY STAR, California's Building Energy Code (Title 24), Green Globes, and LEED.


LED Downlight

GE Lighting Lumination RS Series LED downlight is now offered in 4-inch and 6-inch versions, with a variety of one-to- one replacement options for incandescent, halogen, and screw-in CFL recessed cans. Delivers 700 lumens at 70 lumens per watt; 2700K and 3000K versions offer an 80 CRI with even illuminance across the face of the luminaire.



Sherwin Williams White Synthetic Shellac Primer achieves the coverage of a shellac primer without using the rare raw material required to manufacture shellac. It blocks the most resistant odors and stains including smoke damage, water stains, tannins, and wood knots. Compatible with a full range of latex topcoats and ideal for restoration work.


Lavatory System

Bradley The Bradley Advocate AV-Series Lavatory System enables users to complete the entire hand-washing process — soaping, rinsing, and drying — without touching a fixture. The Advocate's touchless fixtures incorporate industry-leading sustainability features that conserve water, reduce energy use, and eliminate paper towel waste. The Advocate is ADA-compliant in all commercial buildings.


Roofing Rolls

Duro-Last Roofing Duro-Tuff and Duro-Fleece products are engineered to be used with the complete line of Duro-Last's custom prefabricated curbs, flashings, stacks, and parapets. Custom prefabricated accessories will save you time and trouble; and give you "Time off the Roof." Now available in 50, 60, & 80 mil.


Roller Shades

MechoSystems ShadeLoc is a specialized roller-shade system consisting of a set of side-channel assemblies that capture the zippered edges of the material portion of a roller shade, eliminating light gaps at the edges. It offers solar shading, room darkening, or both solutions in one installation. Single/double center channels allow multiple shades to be linked.


Vegetative Roofing

Firestone Building SkyScape pregrown modular system, part of the updated SkyScape Vegetative Roof System portfolio, manages stormwater through unitized moisture-retention reservoirs. Built on a foundation of 100 percent recycled high-density polypropylene, the unit's honeycomb design allows for moisture and nutrients to be shared between modules, and encourages airflow beneath the modules.



Hager Companies The H1 keyway allows for a single key to support conventional cylinders, small format interchangeable cores, and European profile cylinders. Available in Grade 1 and Grade 2 deadlock or knob-and-lever-cylindrical models; Grade 2 lever-tubular or interconnected models (with or without indicator); and four Grade 1 mortise models. Also in combinated and uncombinated core seven-pin models.


Carpet Fiber

INVISTA INVISTA The Antron Lumena offering has expanded by 38 colors, including 13 in the Glimmers line. New colors include a range of neutrals and a beautiful true red. Lumena fiber is type 6,6 nylon. Find carpets with Antron using the company's new online search tool.


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