SIDEBAR: How Mobile And the Building Internet of Things (IoT) Are Complementary

SIDEBAR: How Mobile And the Building Internet of Things (IoT) Are Complementary

Part 4 of a 4-part cover story on how facility managers are making use of mobile technology to create efficiencies.

By Greg Zimmerman, Executive Editor  
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If you’re getting high tech and implementing Building Internet of Things devices and systems, it only makes sense to use mobile technology to get the most out of them. Larry Morgan, senior facilities manager at SAP, offers three specific ways in which mobile technology and the Building IoT complement each other, moving IoT “from a board room discussion to boiler room integration.”

1. IoT and mobile together make it possible to move from raw data to real-time actionable activity, especially in the predictive/analytical maintenance component of building operations and maintenance.

2. IoT is embedded into decision-making in regard- to how space is used. Example: Sensors in occupied space can be used to gather data and optimize things like conference room use, informal meeting space utilization, circulation paths, assigned person to desk ratios, etc.

3. IoT will be used to optimize the user experience. Example: Individualized and team control of the indoor environment (HVAC, both natural and artificial lighting) via mobile devices.
— Greg Zimmerman

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