Finding Demand-Response Opportunities and Providers

By Lindsay Audin  
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To learn more about demand-response programs available in a specific area, go to www1.eere.energy.gov/femp/program/utility/utilityman_
energymanage.html and click on a state. Note that some states do not yet have demand-response programs, or may restrict participation to certain types or sizes of customers. If you find a program worth pursuing, a local utility account rep or Independent System Operator (ISO) Web site should be able to direct you to program descriptions. Your utility or power supplier may also act as a demand-response provider, but be open to better deals that may be offered by other providers.

To find which ISO runs your local grid, go to www.energyconnectinc.com/solutions/turn-energy-into-cash/ and click on your state. Find Web links to all ISOs at www.ferc.gov/industries/electric/gen-info/reg-ent.asp. Contact information for local demand-response providers may be found at your ISO’s Web site. In the ISO’s search engine, enter “demand-response service providers” to access a list of local demand-response firms. Be prepared to dig around a bit; ISOs generally don’t make things easy for end users. Your local utility account representative may also have such a list or a Web link to it.

Lindsay Audin is president of EnergyWiz, an energy consulting firm based in Croton, N.Y. He is a contributing editor for Building Operating Management.

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