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Finding Demand-Response Opportunities and Providers

To learn more about demand-response programs available in a specific area, go to
energymanage.html and click on a state. Note that some states do not yet have demand-response programs, or may restrict participation to certain types or sizes of customers. If you find a program worth pursuing, a local utility account rep or Independent System Operator (ISO) Web site should be able to direct you to program descriptions. Your utility or power supplier may also act as a demand-response provider, but be open to better deals that may be offered by other providers.

To find which ISO runs your local grid, go to and click on your state. Find Web links to all ISOs at Contact information for local demand-response providers may be found at your ISO’s Web site. In the ISO’s search engine, enter “demand-response service providers” to access a list of local demand-response firms. Be prepared to dig around a bit; ISOs generally don’t make things easy for end users. Your local utility account representative may also have such a list or a Web link to it.

Lindsay Audin is president of EnergyWiz, an energy consulting firm based in Croton, N.Y. He is a contributing editor for Building Operating Management.

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