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Dave Lubach: Pay It Forward — Complete the Technology Circle

By Dave Lubach, Associate Editor   Facilities Management

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"Who else is doing this?" Matt Winslett sometimes hears that question when he presents a new technology opportunity to upper management at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

In this month's Roundtable discussion, maintenance and engineering managers discuss their strategies for incorporating new technology at their institutional and commercial facilities. And Winslett, an engineering manager in energy management, described the extra step he took to convince upper management to invest in a new cooling system.

"We had to take a field trip to go look at some, put our hands on some, and go talk to people who lived with the situation," Winslett says. "It's a combination of sales pitch and real-life history."

The strategy worked. By going the extra (driving) miles, Winslett pushed the project through and saved the university $180,000 a year in water and electricity costs. The situation also provides managers with an example of how they can "Pay it Forward."

To complete the technology circle, become an example for others. Once your facilities have installed and tamed a new piece of technology, offer to help other managers determine whether a particular technology is right for their facilities. Share your experiences.

Become the person who is "doing this."

Dave Lubach offers insights gleaned from conversations with managers who make key maintenance and engineering decisions in commercial and institutional facilities.

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Dave Lubach: Pay It Forward — Complete the Technology Circle

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