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Completing the Diversity Plan for an FM Organization

Here are some specific steps to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within a facility management organization.

By Darrell X. Rounds  
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To achieve the goal of a more diverse facility management department, I urge managers to take these tangible, meaningful steps to increase diversity, equity and inclusion within their departments and organizations:

• Commit to becoming a champion of diversity, equity and inclusion not only for the benefits it would provide for your business but also because it’s the right thing to do. This commitment includes recruiting and hiring diverse talent, as well as making them feel valued for who they are and what they can contribute to the organization.

• Increase your sensitivity to the differences that exist among your employees, and be empathetic to their specific needs, especially in light of the recent events that have highlighted the need for more tolerance.

• Be equitable in compensating all employees, as well as in providing opportunities for opportunities for advancement within your organization.

• Create an environment in which candid conversations about race and inclusion are welcome, and lead by example. Be courageous, be bold, and be wise.

A huge opportunity exists for facility managers to create departments and organizations that are more diverse, equitable and inclusive. As managers and leaders, we have to lead the change. May we lead by example, as well as action, so we can continue to grow the profession and be the influencers the world and society need us to be.

Darrell X. Rounds leads electrical and mechanical engineering for General Motors’ facilities organization, Sustainable Workplaces. Rounds has more than 21 years of facilities management and engineering experience, and he has led operations and maintenance activities for facilities with more than 53 million square feet and $7.2 billion in asset replacement costs.

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How to Improve Diversity in Facility Management

Tangible Steps for a More Diverse Facility Management Department

Completing the Diversity Plan for an FM Organization

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