Behind-The-Scenes Sustainability Efforts At Fenway Park

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Fenway Park has been working hard on the sustainability front, especially with recycling efforts. What are some of the behind the scenes sustainability initiatives you've been working on?

This past spring, we held a carbon neutral game. We purchased a number of solar renewable energy credits from local renewable energy sources here in New England, to offset all of our emissions generated by the game, all of our gas, electrical emissions. We stretched it as far as transportation emissions to the game. That's one that we're proud of.

We've expanded our composting program. In 2011, we started with all of our kitchens. We've expanded to our general concession stands. At the end of each game, all compostable items are brought to a central location and then they're picked up daily in the morning and brought out to farms.

Another initiative is this past spring, we eliminated all paper towels in our restrooms and went with hand dryers. So we've significantly reduced our paper towel waste in the park. And right now we are retrofitting all our HID metal halide lighting around our concourse and ramps and replacing them with LED lighting, which will significantly reduce our electrical consumption.

Answers provided by Jon Lister, director of facilities management, Boston Red Sox. Lister has been with the Red Sox since November 2012. He was previously assistant director of facilities at Harvard University Athletics

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