Facility Management Surprises at Fenway Park

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Have there been any surprises in your first year at Fenway Park, from the facilities management side?

I came over from a facility at Harvard, Harvard Stadium, which was built in 1903, so it's a few years older than Fenway, although Fenway is the oldest professional baseball stadium in the nation. So, I had some background and experience with older buildings, but there have been a couple surprises.

Number one, how busy the facility is. It's a very active building. Not only do we host 80 plus baseball games, we have concerts and a number of events that happen in this building. It has become a very active facility that's year-round, which is a good thing because we've become a much friendlier park.

Another surprise is how well the park is maintained. Like I said, the original building went up in 1912 and it's undergone a couple significant renovations, but the facility is very well maintained. We have to give a lot of credit to the ownership group who have invested $280 million to make sure this facility is around for another 100 years. It's nice to walk into a facility that was built in 1912 and see that it's been well taken care of.

Answers provided by Jon Lister, director of facilities management, Boston Red Sox. Lister has been with the Red Sox since November 2012. He was previously assistant director of facilities at Harvard University Athletics.

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