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Beginning a New Chapter

The only constant is change. Here at Building Operating Management and FacilitiesNet.com, big changes are afoot, as one era comes to a close and a new one begins.

By Edward Sullivan, Editor  

You’ve heard that every ending is a new beginning? With the next issue, key players on this magazine’s editorial team take on new roles. Naomi Millán, our senior editor, becomes editor of Building Operating Management. Greg Zimmerman, our executive editor, becomes editor of FacilitiesNet.com. At the same time, Dan Weltin becomes editor-in-chief of the facility group. I am retiring, but will remain on the staff for a short time in a supporting role.

Naomi brings to her new position a great sense of the day-to-day duties and information needs of facility managers. If you’ve read her work or spoken with her, you know that the magazine is in good hands. Like Naomi, Greg is a seasoned reporter and editor, with extensive knowledge of the field. His command of subject matter and digital expertise have been crucial to the success of both magazine and website. After years leading our cleaning group, Dan moved to facilities this year. In the past few months, his fresh ideas and strong management skills have helped build synergies while rapidly expanding product development.

During my years at Building Operating Management, I have been privileged to work with many facility leaders, including members of our editorial advisory board, who have been sources, mentors, and friends. Readers have been generous with their time. Thank you. I know the new team can count on your support.

Our internal changes come at a momentous time for facility management. The year 2020 reminds us that buildings do not exist in isolation. They are part of nature and part of culture. The pandemic has shown how important buildings are in the larger system that determines how healthy people are. The same can be said of the transportation system: With buildings closed, automobile traffic dropped and so did carbon dioxide emissions. 

These connections portend shifts in the role of buildings. Climate change demands urgent action just as COVID-19 does. Facility managers have the opportunity to think broadly. What will workplace mean in the future? Does facility management extend to the home office? Can smart building technology both limit the spread of infection and reduce energy use? Should more support for electric vehicle charging be part of a return to work strategy? 

As this new chapter opens, our content team remains focused on providing information — whether in print, online, or at live events — to help you make the best decisions for your buildings, the people and organizations they serve, and the planet we all share. 

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