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3 Key Artificial Intelligence Benefits for FM

Data is the life blood of facility. Here's how AI can help analyze and manage data to make FM more efficient and smart .

By Joseph Aamidor  
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AI can help with a variety of challenges that facility managers may have with data-driven building management:

1. Sorting through data to provide an actionable path. With the rise of sensors and advanced software in buildings, there is a huge increase in the amount of data that is created and made accessible in the cloud. While there is great value in the data, without advanced software to manage the information and deliver actionable intelligence to users, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

2. Reduced time to respond. In some cases, even with actionable insights that provide good details to help repair an issue, building operators are overwhelmed and don’t have time to respond. There are some solutions that can automatically change set points and adjust systems, with no human intervention. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories calls these solutions “automated system optimization.” 

3. Predictive analysis. The complexity of building operations means that a range of variables can cause inefficiencies or other issues. With a large amount of data, it is possible to run many scenarios and predict potential outcomes.  AI is at the heart of many of these offerings. By observing real life operations through detailed data, it becomes possible to predict when and how a failure may occur in the future.

Joseph Aamidor (joe@aamidorconsulting.com), managing director of Aamidor Consulting, is a senior product and market strategy consultant focused on smart buildings, IoT, energy, and real estate. He has nearly 15 years of experience in building and energy technology.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Facilities Management

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of FM

3 Key Artificial Intelligence Benefits for FM

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