Diversity in FM

2 Easy Ways to Increase Your Diversity Quotient

These two tips are easy ways either to get started on focusing on diversity or continue already-successful diversity efforts.

By Naomi Millán, Senior Editor  
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1. The next time you send out vendor RFPs, ask them to show you what their DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) plan is, says Lynn Baez, head of facilities at Google. "Most of us as clients don't even know," she says. Getting that awareness really helps because then you know where your resources are coming from, and you gain more understanding of some of the challenges you may be facing in your operations. "It just becomes a much more enlightened conversation by getting awareness of what your supply chain does in this market," she says.

2. Take one of your company's employee resource groups on a site walk. It is likely that your organization has at least one committee formed by a specifically impacted group, such as a women's group or an accessibility awareness group. Take a walk on your site with them and see it from their lens, says Baez. It will likely open your eyes to challenges you never considered in quite the same way.

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