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Whitepaper Advises Managers on Lifts Maintenance

MEWPs can be a costly investment for facility managers, but a new whitepaper offers tips to help improve ROI, and reduce cost of ownership.   June 5, 2023

By Dave Lubach, Executive Editor

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and telehandlers are among the more costly machines that maintenance and engineering managers have in their maintenance fleet at institutional and commercial facilities. 

Reducing the cost of ownership and maximizing return on investment are the goals of every manager, so it is important that managers prioritize the care of MEWPs so that they remain up and running and efficient.  

JLG Industries, Inc., recently released a whitepaper titled Uptime Matters (a download of the whitepaper is available in the link) that provides advice for managers to keep their fleets in working order as well as extend the lifespan of machines. Among the highlights of the whitepaper: 

  • Predictive vs. preventive maintenance: The best plans include a combination of both. 
  • Inspections: Pre-start inspections should include a walk-around the machine before every use and conducted annually as per American National Standards Institute and Canadian Standards Association guidelines. Regular inspections will help managers monitor wear-and-tear on parts to determine when it is time to replace them. 
  • Parts availability: Managers have several options for parts: provided by original equipment manufacturer; aftermarket; competitors; and remanufactured. For common replacement parts that regularly need replacing, managers should consider stocking them, so they are easily available. 

Dave Lubach is executive editor of the facilities market. 


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