Metro Waterproofing Uses Polyglass Products for Grand Hyatt Memphis Project

The overall project was to install a waterproofing system for the hotel’s below-grade parking garage.   June 2, 2023

By FacilitiesNet Staff

Metro Waterproofing was recently tasked with a project at the Grand Hyatt Memphis, Tennessee. Their mission was to install a waterproofing system for the hotel's below-grade parking garage. Although the project came with its fair share of hurdles, including unpredictable weather conditions and a demanding schedule, the Metro Waterproofing team rose to the occasion with enthusiasm – and a strong partnership with Polyglass. 

In the later months of 2022, from November to December, Metro Waterproofing embarked on a project that involved installing a waterproofing system for a 1,650-square-foot below-grade parking garage at the Grand Hyatt Memphis, Tennessee. The project encountered several challenges that the team had to overcome to ensure successful completion. 

The colder weather presented difficulties, as cold temperatures can sometimes cause certain materials to become less flexible or more difficult to apply, potentially affecting the overall effectiveness of the waterproofing system. 

The sandy soil at the construction site also posed a challenge as it retained water, creating unstable and wet conditions that complicated the installation process of the waterproofing system. This water retention in the soil could potentially undermine the effectiveness of the waterproofing materials and make it more difficult to achieve a secure and watertight seal. 

The presence of excess water in the soil might have required additional measures to ensure that the waterproofing system could be effectively applied and function as intended. 

To tackle the challenges posed by the colder weather and wet soil conditions, Metro Waterproofing utilized specific Polyglass products that were designed for performance in such situations. These products included Mapeproof AL PRO, Mapeproof Liquid Membrane and Mapeproof AL Detail Tape. 

Mapeproof AL PRO, a pre-applied, fully bonded HDPE waterproofing membrane, was used as the primary waterproofing solution for the below-grade parking garage. This product's adhesive bond to concrete prevented lateral water migration, ensuring a watertight seal despite the wet soil conditions. 

For areas requiring additional attention, such as pipe penetrations and critical joints, Mapeproof Liquid Membrane was applied. This dual-component, non-sagging and solvent- free membrane offered strong tensile and shear strength. Its longer pot life made detailing complex areas more efficient. The membrane's cold-applied, chemical curing properties made it suitable for cold weather throughout the project. 

Mapeproof AL Detail Tape was used to further strengthen the waterproofing system. This two-sided, pressure-sensitive tape created a strong bond to the concrete and Mapeproof AL Pro membrane, ensuring watertight details and allowing for heavy foot traffic during construction. The tape's flexibility helped the team address the challenges posed by the sandy soil retaining water. 

The combination of these Polyglass products provided Metro Waterproofing with a comprehensive waterproofing solution that was able to withstand their project's unique challenges. 


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