Properly Maintain and Store Grounds Equipment

trimmers, air filters, oil changes   February 9, 2009

This is Chris Matt, Associate Editor of Maintenance Solutions magazine. Today’s tip is properly storing and maintaining grounds equipment during the winter.

Managers need to schedule inspections for all pieces of small equipment before they are stored for the winter. Usually fall is less hectic, and mechanics have more time for these activities. If equipment needs repairs or parts must be ordered, mechanics can do this over the winter so the equipment is ready for the spring rush.

Managers should perform routine maintenance, such as changing line-trimmer heads, filters and spark plugs, before they are stored for winter. If equipment requires extensive maintenance, mechanics can make a list of the equipment that needs repairs and store it in an accessible place so they can easily retrieve it during the winter.

Indoor storage is the preferred option for all grounds equipment during cold weather. While the equipment is stored, managers can perform a series of maintenance activities.
A basic equipment checklist includes inspecting the following items:
• tires for wear
• wear points for excessive damage
• bearings
• batteries, and possibly replacing any battery more than four years old
• and air filters, which might need to be cleaned or replaced

Mechanics also should replace fuel filters and change engine oil. Managers might consider having a professional mechanic perform an annual inspection of the most important equipment.


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