Coordinating Floorcoverings

flooring, vinyl, rubber, linoleum, design, color, floorcovering   February 5, 2009

In a facility that requires many different types of flooring, look for flooring companies who manufacture more than one product or have a partnership with other manufacturers. This will usually ensure that the different types of floorcoverings will work together aesthetically, creating a coordinated environment in your facility.

For example, hospitals use many types of floorcovering in close proximity to each other. Vinyl in patient and operating rooms for hygiene, linoleum in hallways for sustainability reasons, and rubber in nurses’ stations and stairwells for safety and comfort. Companies who manufacture all three types of flooring, or who have partnerships with other floorcovering manufacturers, often carry the same color and pattern choices throughout their product lines. That makes it easier for facility executives to choose different floorcoverings that color coordinate and give their facility a pleasing aesthetic.


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