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Manuals Help Ensure Proper Lift Operation and Maintenance

Managers who are considering buying, renting or leasing an aerial work platform must address several important issues.

First, they need to ensure within 60 days of acquisition, users have received the operating and maintenance manuals, as well as repair and parts manuals. These manuals are useful when performing annual lift inspections and before placing the device in service.

An aerial lift is a potentially dangerous tool if users fail to read the operator’s manual. So managers should provide required manuals to operators or explain their content to those who cannot read or understand the language in which the manuals are written. Managers also should document all lift operators have received and reviewed the operating manual.

The dealer or company renting the lift should provide managers with documentation of proper inspection and service prior to rental, in addition to operator and maintenance manuals.

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Manuals Help Ensure Proper Lift Operation and Maintenance

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