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Facility Maintenance Decisions

Equipment Rental: Maintenance Matters

Part four of a four-part article on equipment rental

Maintenance and engineering managers looking to rent equipment for use in and around their facilities must get answers to a number of essential questions, including the maintenance requirements related to the specific piece of equipment. Key questions include these:

• To what extent is the renter responsible for performing routine maintenance on the equipment while it is on site?

• If a problem arises with the equipment that is not the fault of the renter, how long will it take for the rental company to provide a replacement unit?

• Does the renter need to buy insurance to cover damage to the rental equipment?

• Does the rental fee include equipment setup and teardown?

• Does the rental company carry liability insurance that covers accidents involving the use of the equipment?

— James Piper, P.E.

posted on 2/17/2016

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