Washington State First to Incorporate Electrification Into Energy Codes

  May 2, 2022

By Dave Lubach

The state of Washington became the first state to incorporate electrification mandates into energy codes and will require all-electric space and water heating in new commercial buildings. 

The Washington State Building Code Council voted earlier in April to include the mandate update in the state’s commercial energy code, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence

Under the new mandate, builders must install electric heat pumps for space and water heating in most new commercial buildings with four or more floors. Many of the mandates also affect multifamily residences in Washington. The article says electric pumps are typically 2-4 times more energy efficient than their gas counterparts. 

Requiring electric pumps should help the state meet energy code updates that reduce annual net energy consumption in buildings by 70 percent from 2006 levels by 2031. 

Washington is leading the way for electrification efforts. California is incentivizing builders to go all-electric for heat pumps with its 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. New York is also considering electrification mandates for future building projects. 

Dave Lubach is managing editor, facility market. 


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