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Madison, Wisconsin, Leans into Solar Energy for Fleet Building

LEED Gold fleet building relies on solar power   March 18, 2024

By Dave Lubach, Executive Editor

Many cities across the United States are establishing climate plans with the goal of achieving net-zero operations by a designated time in the future, be it 2030, 2050, or some other date. 

Some cities are further along in this process than others. Madison, Wisconsin, is one of those well along in the process. The city opened the doors on a fleet service building in December 2020 that relies heavily on solar power both to keep the facility warm during the winter, lighted during the day and to power electric chargers to keep the city’s vehicles charged. 

In this video, Madison Fleet Superintendent Mahanth Joishy displays some of the solar technology at work in the building, believed to be the first LEED Gold building of its kind in the country. 

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Here’s what you’ll learn from this video: 

  • How solar tubes light up building conference rooms (0:32) 
  • How a heating wall keeps the building warm during cold days (0:57) 

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Dave Lubach is executive editor of the facilities market.  


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