How Universities are Benefiting from Partnering with Utilities

Purchase College in New York working on deal for supplying heating and cooling to campus.   April 12, 2023

By Dave Lubach, Managing Edito

Colleges and universities across the country are beginning to partner with their local utilities to help manage their heating and cooling systems as well as to help them achieve sustainability goals.  

The operation helps the universities deal with several factors, including getting the most of out of their energy management systems and helping them with the trend toward smaller workforces and people capable of operating building systems. 

In this video, Dave Lubach, managing editor, facility market, chats with Tom Kelly, senior energy manager for Purchase College in New York. Purchase is in the process of securing an agreement with its local utility to operate its energy systems. 

Here’s what you’ll learn from this video: 

How energy is used at Purchase College. 1:01 

Why utilities and universities will work together. 4:18 

What can universities do to find the next generation of technicians? 8:20 

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