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FEMA Aims to Boost Building Energy Efficiency, Resilience

Agencies will review federal funding of building construction to ensure projects follow updated model codes and support communities to adopt modern building codes.   June 8, 2022

By FacilitiesNet Staff

The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced a National Initiative to Advance Building Codes, a new government-wide effort to boost national resiliency and reduce energy costs. Under the initiative, U.S. federal departments and agencies will review federal funding and financing of building construction to ensure projects follow updated model codes and provide incentives and support for communities to adopt modern building codes. 

Members of the Mitigation Framework Leadership Group will review their infrastructure grant making processes to ensure they align with and support the adoption and use of current editions of the International Building Code and International Residential Code.  

The announcement was made at the Florida International University Wall of Wind in Miami, Florida at the start of Atlantic hurricane season. In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, which struck south Florida nearly 30 years ago and resulted in 65 deaths and more than $26 billion in damages, Florida significantly strengthened its building codes and enforcement practices. As a result, according to FEMA, Florida’s codes, which are based on the I-Codes, have prevented over $1 billion in losses annually since 2000. 


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