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Considerations Beyond ROI in Energy Optimization

When selecting energy optimization products and services, ROI is often front of mind for facility managers. But the conversation doesn't stop there. Other factors to consider include how applicable the product or solution will be on your particular facility or campus, and how the product or service will impact your operations. Let's consider each in turn.

How applicable will this be in my facility/campus? When considering energy optimization products and services, one of the first thoughts facility managers should have is how applicable it will be across his or her campus. In order for a product or service to make sense, it should have a significant impact, be something that's pretty broad based, or meets a specific need. It also has to work in the climactic conditions of the facility where it will be deployed. And in a campus setting, it is preferable for it to be deployable across a variety of building types.

How will this product/service impact my operations? Another area to focus on when making product and service evaluations is its impact on operations. This falls under total cost of ownership research. Savings out of the gate are great, but what will deploying this product or service mean in the long term? Will it have to be replaced frequently? Will it require additional maintenance or particular staffing? Experts say the impact on the energy bill is just one part of the picture when it comes to the full cost of implementing a solution.

Another operations impact to consider is how a product or service will impact how efficiently current facility management staff can do their job. Will implementing a product or service help the facilities management team to make more effective use of their time? For example, networked building controls won't necessarily make a fan or a pump more efficient, but they allow the person responsible for those systems to have better and more efficient access to their operations information.

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