Boise State University Researches Energy Efficient Living

  August 25, 2017

By Cathryn Jakicic

Boise State University is researching the uses of renewable energy sources in relation to existing energy grids and student residents. This research has allowed Boise State Housing to begin exploring and developing plans for “sustainability-oriented” housing within Driscoll Hall by Fall 2018.

Testing has already begun within the building, according to John Gardner, director of the Energy Efficiency Research Institute and professor of mechanical and biomedical engineering.

“Energy grids that we have are designed for coal, not wind or solar energy powers, which concludes that the grid has to be different for wind and solar,” Gardner says. “This research is about renegotiating our relationship with the energy grid.”

The research goal is to simulate a microgrid that is completely disconnected from the other energy grids in the area, according to Gardner. The first official step they are looking to take includes installing solar panels on the rooftop of the dorm.


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