Understanding Prescriptive Utility Incentives

By Brian Griffith  
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Utility Incentives: Prescriptions for Savings

Prescriptive incentives allow a utility to cost-effectively manage a set of standard options that most institutional and commercial facilities often use to reduce energy use. Typical prescriptive incentives from one major electric utility company — paid on the basis of cents per kilowatt hour, cents per therm, or dollars per unit — include:

  • Lighting — fixtures and controls
  • HVAC — controls, chilled-water systems, air conditioning units and heat pumps
  • Data center and information technology equipment — uninterruptible power supplies, server virtualization and power management
  • Refrigeration — condensers, compressors, motors, controls and refrigerated cases

Additional categories for prescriptive incentives can include:

  • Restaurant equipment — ovens, dishwashers and ice machines
  • Miscellaneous — variable-frequency drives, process equipment and air compressors.

— Brian Griffith

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