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Selecting an ESCO: Questions To Ask

Selecting an ESCO: What To Ask

One early but crucial step in ensuring the success of a performance contract is selecting the energy service company (ESCO). Michael Daigneault, vice president of development with Ameresco, suggests these questions managers can use:

  • What is the ESCO's experience in offering performance-contracting services for my type of facility?
  • Is the ESCO accredited by the National Association of Energy Services Companies (NAESCO)?
  • What is the experience of the ESCO personnel assigned to my project?
  • Have they been involved in ESCO projects, or are they new to the field?
  • What is the ESCO's track record and ability to honor the savings guarantee?
  • What work is done with in-house personnel versus contractors?
  • Is the ESCO's recommendation based on what is best for my facility, or could the ESCO be incentivized to recommend their company's products?
  • If it's the second option, is it a product I want, and what impact will it have?
  • What is the ESCO's experience with transparent performance contracts? Do I have say in the equipment installed and contractors doing the work?
  • Will the ESCO use local companies that I approve to implement the work, or is it bringing its preferred sub-contractors from outside the area?
  • How will the ESCO price the work?
  • What processes do they follow to ensure I get the best value for my project?

— Dan Hounsell

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Selecting an ESCO: Questions To Ask

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