Level II Energy Audit Provides Detailed Building Information

By David Cosaboon  
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A Level II energy audit provides a more detailed building survey and energy-use analysis. This audit includes a systemic breakdown of energy use in the building. In general, this audit includes a review and analysis of mechanical and electrical system design, installation, maintenance, and operation. It also provides a savings and cost analysis of practical measures that meet the client's economic criteria, along with a discussion of changes to operation and maintenance.

A Level II analysis also might provide a listing of potential capital-intensive improvements that require more thorough data collection and engineering analysis, as well as a judgment of potential costs and savings. Building on the scopes of the previous level, the Level II audit delivers the following additional elements:

  • a detailed breakdown of energy use by end devices
  • a list of measures considered but deemed impractical, with brief reasons for rejecting each
  • a list of practical measures — including capital improvements — as well as projected savings and financial performance indicators.
  • measurement and verification methods
  • discussion of measures that might warrant a Level III energy audit.

Managers who know energy inefficiencies exist within a facility often prefer a Level II energy audit. The audit identifies and addresses the broadest range of energy-conservation measures, both the low-hanging fruit and more involved recommendations for systems and components. A Level II audit is the most comprehensive of the audit levels and can provide a solid foundation for an energy-management plan.

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