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Emergency Preparedness - August 2014

The Emergency Preparedness landing page for Facility Professionals.

Topics related to Emergency Preparedness

Swine flu, backup power, generators, campus security, disaster response, disaster recovery, emergency planning, fire, onsite power, power reliability
Facility Maintenance Decisions
Preparing for Equipment Rental When Emergencies Strikepart 2: Training an Essential Part of Disaster-Recovery Planpart 3: Contract Requirements for Emergency Preparedness Equipment Rentalspart 4: Equipment Rental: Eye on Operators


Fire-Lite Alarms Makes Realtime Mass Notification Only A Phone Call Away

Building Operating Management
Options Abound For Facility Managers Exploring Mass Notification Systemspart 2: Multiple Layers Help Colleges, Universities Maximize Effectiveness Of Mass Notificationpart 3: Voice Messages Are Important Consideration In Mass Notification Planningpart 4: Showcase Products: Mass Notification


Building Operating Management
Options for Occupant Communications Improve, But Message Clarity is Critical


quick reads
Planning Considerations for Facility Recovery

quick reads
Drills Catch Problems In Time

Facility Maintenance Decisions
Maintenance and Engineering: Key Players in Emergency Preparednesspart 2: Maintenance and Engineering Departments' Role in Emergency Preparationpart 3: Planning Considerations for Facility Recoverypart 4: Understanding the Preparedness Cycle


Building Operating Management
Drills Help Facility Managers, First Responders Develop Better Emergency Preparedness Planspart 2: Clearly Defined Objectives Help Make Emergency Preparedness Drills More Effectivepart 3: Testing Communication With Building Staff, First Responders Is Critical Part Of Emergency Preparedness Drillspart 4: Information Gathering Is Major Benefit Of Emergency Preparedness Drills