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Students Hospitalized Due to Gas Leak at College Dorm

  March 16, 2022

By Dave Lubach

Building codes provide the minimum requirements necessary to declare a building safe. A dorm evacuation at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee can serve as a reminder that only meeting minimum requirements could lead to potential tragedy. 

Seventeen students at university were hospitalized following a gas leak at a dormitory that forced an evacuation of 400 students on March 2. 

Fire department officials determined the probable source of the leak was a boiler in the basement of the building, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  

No warnings were issued to the students since carbon monoxide detectors were not installed in the living areas. According to UWM vice chancellor for students Kelly Haag, detectors are not required by code for the living areas. 

All students who were hospitalized have since been released. 

A university spokesman told the Journal Sentinel said carbon monoxide detectors are installed in other campus facilities. 

Dave Lubach is managing editor in the facility market. 


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