Access Control: Door Hardware That Performs

Effective upgrades of door hardware and security technology requires understanding options and making smart specification decisions

By Paul Villotti and Mark Maurer  
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After installation of a new access control system, managers can show top executives door-activity records that will help them understand the return on the investment from the project. These records allow a better understanding of the building’s circulation patterns and help identify suspicious use. They also help determine when timed unlocking and locking should occur to allow efficient building entry. More focused deployment of security personnel can result, since infrequently used doors can be identified, and managers can send tight resources busier locations.

Data on system use also can assist in implementing predictive maintenance activities. Knowing use patterns allows maintenance staff to focus inspection and upkeep on the most heavily used doors and justifies less attention on less frequently used doors and hardware.

Managers also can use the data to reduce equipment and material losses, especially when an upgraded access control system is integrated with a security camera system. The use of door-position sensors can alert security staff monitoring cameras of activity at critical doors.

A properly executed security and access control upgrade can result in a safer building for the occupants, visitors and contents, as well reduced personnel and maintenance costs for managers.

Paul Villotti — and — is director of life safety at Henderson Engineers, He is an industry-renowned fire protection and life safety expert with more than 35 years of experience. Mark Maurer — — is director of security design with the firm. He has more than three decades of electrical construction and engineering experience.

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Access Control: Strategies and Tactics For Successful Upgrades

Access Control: Specification Based on Facility Needs

Access Control: Door Hardware That Performs

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