Low-Temperature Air Distribution Can Reduce Costs

HVAC, air distribution, construction, mechanical engineering, IAQ, comfort, energy costs   March 19, 2008

Typical HVAC systems distribute air cooled to 55 degrees. If lower temperature air is used – for example, 48 degrees – both construction and operating costs can be reduced. The reason is that less air has to be moved if the temperature of that air is lower. That allows smaller ductwork and fans to be installed during construction. And operating costs are lower because less fan power is required to move the air and because the economizer mode can be used for more hours.

With low temperature air distribution, it’s important to ensure that the colder air does not reach occupants directly. It’s also essential to prevent condensation by using continuous external insulation with a vapor barrier even at spots where insulation isn’t typically used, such as the return bends of hot water reheat coils.

The use of a thermal storage system is one way to produce the colder chilled water required for low temperature air distribution


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