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Reduce Roofing Installation Time: Just Peel and Stick

Single-ply roofing, Peel and Stick Membranes

Hello. This is Greg Zimmerman, executive editor of Building Operating Management magazine.

Today’s tip involves a roofing technology increasingly gain acceptance among contractors, consultants and facility executives. It’s a type of roofing product called peel and stick.

Peel and stick membranes are single-ply membranes – whether PVC, EPDM or other single-ply - that are installed via a pre-applied adhesive. As the name implies, the installer simply peels off a release liner on the roofing sheet and then sticks the roofing material to the previous lap or to the deck. It’s like a giant sticker.

The most important benefit of peel and stick are that installation time can be cut in half, according to most manufacturers that make a peel and stick product. This is mainly because the products don’t require mechanical fasteners, hot tar or any other kind of adhesive. Also, because no potentially hazardous adhesives like hot tar are needed, peel and stick membranes are touted as ideal for hospitals, schools and anywhere else where odors are a concern and downtime is not an option.

The caveat on the peel and stick membranes is that, currently, they are more expensive than their traditional single-ply counterparts. But as more manufacturers add peel and stick lines, and more are, prices will surely begin to come down a bit.


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