Hundreds of Migratory Birds Killed After Crashing into Lighted Building at Night

  June 6, 2017

By Edward Sullivan

Almost 400 migratory birds were killed when they crashed into a brightly lit Galveston high-rise at night, according to news reports. The birds were migrating from Central and South America, and included more than 20 species, such as Nashville and Blackburnian warblers, redstarts, ovenbirds, and orioles.

The incident occurred during a night of high winds. Experts believe that the stormy weather forced the birds to fly lower than usual. The lit-up, 23-story American National Building may have confused the birds and led them to fly into the windows.

Richard Gibbons of Houston Audobon was quoted in the Houston Chronicle as calling the incident “a rare event.” Bird experts said that building owners could help avoid incidents like that by turning off lights at night during bird migration season, especially during bad weather.

The bodies of the birds will be examined at research labs for health, size, and DNA.

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