Lower Energy Consumption, Longer Life Cycle Benefits of Green Data Centers

data center, green, cost, IT, energy, efficiency   May 18, 2010

I'm Justin Smith, managing editor of web development for Building Operating Management magazine. Today's tip: finding green in data. It's obvious that facility managers and IT purchasers should think about cost savings when they're buying new data center equipment. But that was perhaps not quantifiable until now. An article from processor.com, a website that collects information on computer products and vendors, says savings from new data center equipment comes from its lower energy consumption, reduced heat and waste generation and longer life cycle. The website provided an example of Verizon's energy-efficiency standards for its suppliers of network equipment. Those saved 91 million kilowatt hours and prevented more than 114 million pounds of CO2 emissions. And the site also reported the results of a survey conducted by Digital Realty Trust last year that indicated 73 percent of respondents said energy efficiency was the key aspect of a green data center. Processor.com also reported several tips that IT stakeholders, including those at Staples and Verizon, provided. They recommend that companies develop green specifications and standards as purchasing guidelines. They should also include green performance clauses in their contracts. The site said other recommendations include asking hardware and software vendors for refined power management capabilities and getting support from top management for green equipment purchasing initiatives. With some work prior to purchasing, data centers can clearly drain less energy and resources.


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