Facility Managers Should Keep Resumes Up to Date

Facility management, job hunting, resume, cost savings   May 13, 2010

Today's tip is to keep your resume current.

Because facility management isn't the core mission of most organizations, even successful facility managers can find themselves downsized out of a job. The fact that FM is considered a cost center can add to the vulnerability of facility managers when a company decides to slash expenses.

That's why it's useful for facility managers to keep a resume current, or at least have readily available information that could be used to put together a resume on short notice. That information might include hard numbers on cost savings that can be attributed to your efforts, notes on your role in some important departmental or company-wide initiative, and internal recognition, even if it is informal.

Keeping a resume current is easy to overlook when a job looks secure. But making gradual changes on a regular basis is far easier than finding that you suddenly need a current resume and having to scramble to pull together the tangible information that makes a good resume.


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