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Overcoming the Tension Between Data Centers FMs and IT

A historical source of tension, here are some tips on how data center facilities managers can get along with IT and help the whole organization thrive.

By Karen Kroll  
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Cindy Joos acknowledges the historic tension between IT and facility management. She notes that previously, the person running IT was also running the data center. Now the roles are separated. However, some IT managers still want to get into the data center, so they can see and touch the servers and other equipment, she says. “Meanwhile, the data center manager wants to make sure that individual has the right security and is supposed to be there.”

Now, both sides are more willing to acknowledge the need for the other. The transition “took a while,” Joos says. ‘It’s a mind shift, and I think that the IT folks are getting there.”

Organizations can strengthen these relationships, by establishing clear sets of roles and responsibilities, Joos says. After all, “there’s plenty of work to go around.”  

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