How to Future-proof Mission Critical Facilities 

Data centers, hospitals and other critical facilities can’t afford downtime. Learn best practices for managing staff and inventory to protect against failures.   June 7, 2023

By Dan Weltin, Editor-in-Chief,

Facility managers in charge of mission critical facilities are under pressure to keep these buildings running 24/7. Any downtime can have serious ramifications on business and operations.  

In this video, Dan Weltin, editor in chief of the facility market sits down with Steve Smith, Director of Physical IT Network for Arvest Bank Operations, about data center resiliency. Unfortunately, people and human error are often the common reasons for data center downtime. Smith discusses how he helps his staff perform consistently every time.  

If something were to go wrong, the choked supply chain may make it difficult for facility managers to get the parts and equipment they need quickly. Smith shares his best practices for managing inventory.  

In this video, you’ll learn:  

  • The most common reason for downtime and how to prevent against it (0:30) 
  • Predictions on 2023 challenges and how to future-proof against them (2:08) 
  • How to manage the choked supply chain (3:29) 

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