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Hot Topics: 2018’s Most Popular Articles

  January 2, 2019

By Ryan Berlin

Happy 2019!

Facility managers in institutional and commercial facilities dealt with a lot of changes in 2018. So did their buildings, whether the change was an HVAC retrofit, a roof replacement, or an LED upgrade. Before we close the book on 2018, let’s look back at some of the year’s hottest topics for visitors to www.facilitiesnet.com:

How To Get the Most Energy Efficiency From a Chiller Plant

Facility Operating Budget Benchmarks for Office, Education, Other Buildings

How Facility Managers Can Best Manage Stress

Facility Management Credentials: What You Need To Know

Boilers: Repair or Replace?

The Benefits of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

How Good Design Prevents Complaints about Restrooms

Finding Skilled Facility Management Professionals

Implementing a Successful Asset Management Program

How To Conduct a Proper Roof Inspection

Building Operating Management, Facility Maintenance Decisions and Facilitiesnet.com offer information and insights that enable facility managers to make their facilities as energy efficient, cost effective, resilient, reliable and safe as possible.

Ryan Berlin is managing editor of Facility Maintenance Decisions.


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