Show Sustainability Is Affordable To Get Approval For Green Interiors Projects

  August 9, 2013

If you want to get a green interiors project off the ground, proving that cost won't be an issue is a good way to get approval.

Although sustainability is important to younger employees, hard costs are likely to be the most significant obstacle to securing approval from more senior individuals to move forward with a green project. Showing how sustainability doesn't cost more can help facility managers gain that approval when it comes time for a green interiors project.

The majority of key facility decisions continue to be made by more senior individuals. Therefore, hard costs are likely to be the most significant obstacle to securing approval to move forward with a green project.

Although recent studies have demonstrated that green building projects don't cost any more than traditional projects, many people continue to believe that sustainability comes at a cost premium. And the global economic downturn has only complicated the process of securing approval for a green project. Budget constraints and the desire to minimize risk are prompting most organizations to scrutinize each sustainable decision

Demonstrating how a specific action saves money — either immediately or in the future — can be a compelling measure of its success. But even if cost is a primary concern, dollars and cents are not necessarily a green interiors project's most significant outcome. The other benefits of green interiors projects can help facility managers gain approval — just be prepared to show the dollars and cents as well.

Demonstrating the bottom-line positive results of a greening initiative is key to earning credibility and building the case for an expanded budget to fund future projects. Focus on no- or low-cost projects with immediate paybacks to show that sustainability doesn't cost more, then use those success stories to make your case for larger projects.


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