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Will The "Dynamic LEED Plaque" Become a Reality?

Today's tip of the day is about the Dynamic LEED Plaque, first introduced during Greenbuild in the fall of 2012.

Facility managers are already well-familiar with the idea of energy and sustainability dashboards as a way to display to occupants and upper managers how the building is operating from a sustainable stand point. The Dynamic LEED Plaque would take this idea to the nth degree.

Scot Horst, Senior Vice President, LEED, explains that the plaque will maintain a real-time LEED score in total, and in each of the LEED categories, based on how the building is operating. The Dynamic LEED Plaque will work in concert with what USGBC is calling the "LEED Box" — which is basically an electronic hub installed in each building that will give that building a "LEED Address," will allow two-way communication between USGBC and the building, and will provide the data for the LEED Dynamic Plaque.

In total, the goal is performance. Horst said, simply, the idea is to have a better way to bridge the gap between design and operations. Besides, as he said, when project teams and facility managers work together, and have the data, a majority of projects improve — not get worse. USGBC says they'll begin beta-testing a LEED recertification for LEED for New Construction projects — in addition to the recertification system that's already in place for LEED-EBOM.

The new Dynamic LEED Plaque isn't quite ready for prime time yet — Horst said perhaps by the end of 2013, the first prototypes will go into buildings. Ideally, by the time LEEDv4 is rolled out this fall, the new plaque will be reading for wider use.


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