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Modular Wall Systems Meet Diverse Educational Needs


Administrators planning the new North Education Center (NEC) in New Hope, Minn., needed a flexible building to support the unique learning needs of its students. Seventy percent of the NEC’s student population has special needs ranging from fetal alcohol syndrome to autism, and the Center is known for using innovation to meet the student's academic and emotional needs. The school also offers vocational training for older students.

NEC needed the walls in the new space to be easily moved or replaced in the future, and they had to be durable and acoustically efficient. NEC tested a number of modular systems, but found they all lacked in either performance or aesthetics. Finally, the DIRTT system was selected for its ability to offer flexibility and design.

DIRTT Walls are modular, and feature plug and play power and acoustical management systems. This gives them the flexibility to accommodate office space, classrooms, breakout areas, and teacher support areas.

Write Away Walls in each classroom are easily accessible by all students and complement interactive whiteboard technology that some students find difficult to interact with. For educators this makes teaching more fun, and gets students more involved.

In contrast to conventional drywall construction, the prefabricated nature of the DIRTT systems allowed for efficient and fast installation, according to the project's supervisor.

Using DIRTT, the NEC met the diverse needs of the students enrolled, providing safe and effective learning environments that will go a long way toward helping them build a successful future, says the company.

posted:  2/24/2014