Six Interior Design Changes

By Barbara Carothers and Sim Nabors  
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  • Same finish/new color: New colors go a long way to freshen faded space. While standard latex paints cost less to apply, try using more durable paint in high traffic areas to lower the cost of maintenance.
  • Accent: Accentuate interesting walls or architectural objects with bold or contrasting colors or textures. Accent rugs or carpet inserts can work with new wall colors to reinforce the new direction.
  • Custom carpet: A custom design, unique to your facility, can be easily manufactured in carpet tile for minimum yardage requirements. Use it to revitalize your image.
  • Photography/art: Install scrim fabric, acrylic panels or even wall covering that feature graphics specific to the company, like photographs featuring company products and people. Install visual display systems that can be easily updated. Wrapped textile panels can be used alone or in conjunction with other graphic approaches to add color and texture and to offer acoustical benefits.
  • Lighting: Inspect lamps for age, efficiency and color temperature. Replace those that are inconsistent in color temperature with energy efficient lamps. Consider reducing the ambient light level and providing individually-controlled task lighting.
  • Lay-in ceiling panels: Replace and relocate older tiles so that the ceiling tiles appear clean and consistent. Clean diffusers. Consider replacing tile in public areas with new smoother faced ceiling tiles. Salvage the removed ceiling tiles to use in enclosed spaces to create a consistent appearance.

Barbara Carothers, IIDA, LEED AP and Sim Nabors, LEED AP are interior designers with RATIO Architects, a design and planning firm offering services in architecture, historic preservation, interior design, landscape architecture and urban planning.

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Repurposing Office Space for Maximum Impact

Six Interior Design Changes

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