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Wireless Door Controller - Linear LLC - Facility Management Product Release

Wireless Door Controller: Linear LLC

Linear LLC
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Linear’s AP-5 is a wireless door controller with three separate relays: Access, obstacle, and configurable to either access or obstacle. The access relays in the controller are programmable, giving installers the flexibility to configure them for use with vehicular gates, pedestrian gates, security gates, office doors, or combinations.

The device also features a programmable access relay activation time, from one to 120 seconds. The AP-5 is designed for use in environments where RF noise or wireless signal interference can be a problem. The controller features a built-in, narrowband 318-MHz super heterodyne receiver with an external antenna that can pick up signals from a linear MegaCode block-coded transmitter from up to 500 feet away.


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posted: 9/24/2007