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Window Shades - Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
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A designer architectural bottom bar is available for the company’s entire line of Sivoia electronic and manual shades, with no visible welding seam. The new bottom bar consists of a weighted bar in a variety of colors that can either be wrapped with the shade fabric or left fully exposed. All bottom bars have coordinating endcaps at each end for a finished edge.

Three different wrap options are available for the bottom bar:
• Full wrap - Fabric is wrapped around the weight from front to back. This option is suited for patterned fabrics or those with consistent color on both sides of the shades.
• Half wrap - Only the front of the bar is wrapped with fabric while the metal color is exposed on the back of the bottom bar. This option is suited for dual sided shades, as the metal color can coordinate with the back of the fabric.
• Exposed - The fabric feeds in to the bar from the top, allowing the entire metal color of the bar to show. This option can be used to match window mullions in commercial applications.

Colors include white, anodized aluminum and bronze. The endcaps are available in white, gray, bronze and black. Custom painting of the bottom bar and endcaps is also available.


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posted: 1/17/2007