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Barricure is a chloride-free, curative co-spray intended to be used in conjunction with CCW's Barriseal-S Spray-Applied Air/Vapor Barrier Membrane and Barricoat-S Spray-Applied Waterproofing Membrane. The spray-applied membranes are rubberized asphalt emulsions that require simultaneous spray with a salt solution to cure. This chemistry provides a system with fast application, low equipment and material costs, low VOC's and fast cure over a broad temperature range.

Barricure, a proprietary solution of non-corrosive ingredients, is chloride-free and enables application of Barriseal-S and Barricoat-S where the use of chlorides is forbidden. Barriseal-S and Barricoat-S may be sprayed with the standard calcium chloride solution for applications where the small amount of added chloride is not an issue.

Packaged in a five-gallon pail with a no-mess pour spout, the prodcut requires no stirring because its liquid concentrate mixes more readily and rapidly in solution than calcium chloride flakes.


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posted: 1/2/2007