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Water-Source Heat Pump - ClimateMaster Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Water-Source Heat Pump: ClimateMaster Inc.

ClimateMaster Inc.
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The company’s dedicated outside air system (DOAS) water-source heat pump line includes EarthPure (HFC-410A) zero ozone depletion refrigerant or refrigerant R-22. Because the system treats the ventilation air, it allows a building design that addresses the ASHRAE 62 outside air requirements while maintaining proper equipment sizing for space conditioning. The DOAS unit heats 100 percent outdoor winter air without the need for a separate auxiliary heat source. The product is effective to 15°F [-9°C] winter design temperature. With an optional enthalpy wheel, the system is effective down to -10°F [-23°C]. In summer, the refrigerant circuit with modulating reheat and hot gas bypass provides precise leaving air dew point control. Leaving air temperature and dew point at part load conditions are controlled with onboard microprocessor controls.


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posted: 11/7/2006