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Wall Texture Provides Invisible Wall Repairs for Array of Surfaces - Homax - Facility Management Product Release

Wall Texture Provides Invisible Wall Repairs for Array of Surfaces: Homax

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Contractors can now achieve invisible wall repairs in less time than traditional hopper gun repair methods with the Homax line of Pro Grade wall textures products for orange peel and knockdown surfaces. Combining the control of a hopper gun and the convenience of an aerosol, Pro Grade wall textures perfectly match a wide range of surfaces. As a result, the aerosol products reduce application time from a traditional two-day hopper gun process to just two hours.

Pro Grade wall textures are the first self-priming, low-odor aerosol textures with a pressure-adjustment toggle and pattern control dial for precise spray control. Simply adjust the controls, depending on the desired texture, to perfectly match wall patterns. In addition, the pull trigger and ergonomic grip reduce finger fatigue for increased productivity. Pro Grade wall textures are able to match orange peel patterns in either a water-based or oil-based formulation and knockdown patterns in a water-based formulation. The hassle-free wall textures require no tools, making cleanup simple and expeditious.

“Homax products strive to make complicated, time-consuming projects more efficient without compromising results,” says Mark Hembree, senior marketing manager — adhesives, sealants and finishing systems, PPG Architectural Coatings. “Pro Grade wall textures are created with advanced formulations and the ability to control both pressure and pattern so contractors are able to quickly deliver professional results.”

Pro Grade wall textures are a key professional tool for an array of repairs including punch-lists, patches and remodeling projects in bathrooms, kitchens, accent walls and closets. They are ideal for tight spot repair applications as close as six inches, such as behind a toilet or around a soffit, as well as for applications on walls up to 125 square feet for orange peel and 85 square feet for knockdown. The advanced formula is tinted for improved visibility during application and the no-prime feature saves contractors time.

Homax oil- and water-based orange peel and water-based knockdown Pro Grade wall textures are available in 25-ounce aerosol cans at paint, hardware, PPG Paints stores and home center locations nationwide.


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posted: 1/19/2016