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Wall Finish Designed for Interior or Exterior Surfaces - Sto Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Wall Finish Designed for Interior or Exterior Surfaces: Sto Corp.

Sto Corp.
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Sto Corp., the innovative world leader in cladding, air barrier, coatings, and restoration systems has introduced Stolit® Milano, a very fine, workable finish for interior or exterior wall surfaces.

Stolit Milano offers ease of application with a wide range of decorative looks. According to Product Manager, Brian Chang, the trowel applied Stolit Milano yields more coverage than comparable products on the market. “In just two coats, this versatile finish can achieve multiple decorative looks — from a fine texture to the industrial feel of ultra-smooth metallic panels,” said Chang.

The water-based acrylic finish is highly breathable, mildew resistant and can also be top coated to provide additional surface protection. Stolit Milano can be custom tinted to a wide selection of colors, and will provide a longer lasting and more uniform look to the surface.

Stolit Milano was recently applied on a new building for a middle school in Huntington Beach, Ca. Distributor Gary Schenk of Great Western Building Materials says, “Not only does Stolit Milano provide the look they wanted, but it’s a very versatile finish and your imagination is your only limitation.”

Stolit Milano is a cost effective ready mixed finish, requires no additives so it minimizes waste, and unused material can be stored in the sealed pail. The low VOC formulas are safe to use and tools clean up in water.

Stolit Milano is the latest offering in a long list of decorative finishes, including Sto Limestone and StoCreativ Brick. Sto Limestone has the smooth, natural look of stone at a fraction of the cost. StoCreativ Brick has the classic look of brick in a lightweight, energy efficient cladding.


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posted: 1/19/2016