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Video Management System - Johnson Controls - Facility Management Product Release

Video Management System: Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls
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The victor Video Management System and VideoEdge Network Video Recorders (NVRs) from American Dynamics, taking functionality, performance and system security to the next level.

The victor Incident Locker provides a secure centralized repository to prevent the tampering of sensitive videoevidence and maintain chain of custody. End-to-end multicast functionality enables users to maintain visibility of their facility surveillance even during required VideoEdge NVR system updates, with the ability to view live cameras directly from a victor client during the usual downtime created by the system updates.

With added support for H.264+, victor with VideoEdge can reduce storage space and improve transmission efficiency. The upgrade to H.264+ allows the victor client to handle both variable sized video streams, such as those created by H.264+, H.264, Mpeg4 & Mpeg codecs.

This version also allows the addition of Illustra Pro cameras to any VideoEdge NVR appliance, hybrid or IP, without additional cost or connection licenses. This simplifies deployment when pairing VideoEdge NVRs with Illustra Pro cameras.


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posted: 2/21/2018