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Video Analytics - Sony Electronics Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Sony Electronics Inc.
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The Distributed & Enhanced Processing Architecture (DEPA) platform for IP-based security systems integrates cameras and recorders to improve workflow. The system uses core intelligent video analytic capabilities, engineered into third-generation network cameras, to transmit object information, environmentally noise-free, via metadata alongside video to DEPA-enabled, NSR-series recorders, as well as Sony’s Real Shot Manager software, to process and respond to events. The company's IPELA SNC-RX550N, SNC-RZ50N and SNC-CS50N cameras, which include DEPA pre-processing capabilities, are designed to work in conjunction with the company’s NSR-100, NSR-50 and NSR-25 network surveillance recorders and RSM software, for “in-camera” processing and increased intelligent video analytics.


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posted: 10/13/2006