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VRF System - Trane - Facility Management Product Release

VRF System: Trane

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ProSpace Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) portfolio can now be used in a wider variety of building applications.

Updates to the ProSpace VRF portfolio include:

· ProSpace VRF Low-Ambient Outdoor Unit provides a low cost method of heating and cooling buildings for a variety of applications. It is available in 6-24 tons with 100 percent heating and cooling capacity down to -13 F (-25 C). The outdoor unit also features an intelligent defrost system, reducing compressor run time and implementing demand defrosts.

· ProSpace VRF Mode Control Unit (MCU) connects the VRF outdoor unit to the VRF indoor units to provide simultaneous heating and cooling. The MCU is light weight with a smaller mechanical footprint that does not require a dedicated mechanical room. Auto-commission capabilities verify proper temperature readings in up to 64 units in less than an hour, reducing the time required during startup.

· ProSpace Circular Cassette indoor units have a 360-degree Circular Airwave design to eliminate inconsistent temperatures, air-flow patterns and down drafts in a single space. In addition to increasing occupant comfort, the aesthetic design enhances the building space.

· ProSpace Hybrid VRF Univent System combines the benefits of VRF technology with the reliability of a Trane unit ventilator to deliver comfort, simultaneous heating and cooling, and precise temperature control. The system uses outdoor air for humidity control and improved indoor air quality (IAQ). With individual zone control the temperature can be adjusted in individual spaces for occupant comfort. Facility managers can also turn off airflow to unoccupied areas to increase energy efficiency.


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posted: 6/8/2018