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VRF System - Nortek Global HVAC - Facility Management Product Release

VRF System: Nortek Global HVAC

Nortek Global HVAC
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The Nortek Global HVAC VRF systems line consists of V5 mini VRF heat pumps, V5 modular heat pumps, and V5 heat recovery systems. The V5 VRF systems feature DC inverter driven compressors. Up to 3,280 feet of total piping length and up to 36 indoor connections. Standard gold and blue fin coating provide increased performance and greater corrosion resistance. The V5 mini VRF systems are designed for light commercial, with a compact design and thinner profile. Up to 984 feet of total pipe length. These 208/230V condensers are available in 3, 4, or 5 tons and will accommodate up to 7, 8, or 9 zones.


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posted: 7/7/2017